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Increase your cosmetic patients

Putting your cosmetic dentistry skills to good use is possible when you join the lovebite’s dental community. We help you connect with patients looking specifically for cosmetic dentistry treatments. Spend more time helping patients achieve the smiles of their dreams.

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Reduce your lab costs

When you join our dental community, you commit to working with a single high-quality dental lab that produces high-quality dental restorations in the U.S. With the high volume of restorations from lovebite’s dentists, each member gets a discount.

Get access to training from
experts across the country

Every month, you will gain access to our monthly informative webinars that give you useful insight into running your dental practice from experts in marketing, business management, and dentistry. Tune in for topics about business management, marketing, dental treatments and much more.

Save money on lovebites high quality dentistry

Are you looking for a good way to reach potential patients? Would you like to bring in a steady stream of patients seeking a cosmetic dentist? Would you like to establish a good relationship with a quality dental lab that gives you discounts? Would you like to get more tools to improve the performance of your dental practice?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you should become a lovebites dentist!

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Reach Patients in Your Area

Our detailed directory will answer any questions patients may have about a cosmetic dentist in your area. When they search, they will find the answer on our site, and then we will direct them to your practice for treatment.

Our directory will contain not only answers to common questions, but will provide detailed information on questions that aren’t found elsewhere. This will draw steady traffic nationwide, including in your area, and let us direct patients to your practice.

Vetted Cosmetic Dentistry Patients Delivered

Not only will we provide referral traffic to your practice, but our directory is designed to draw in and capture patients who are looking for high-value procedures: cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures that are professionally satisfying and financially rewarding.

This is the kind of dental practice you want to build: one where you can make more money doing the procedures you like best.

Get Discounts from a Reliable Dental Lab

Across the country, dental labs are folding. It’s likely that this includes the lab you used to work with and enjoyed working with because they delivered accurate resorations on time.

We have partnered with one of the best dental labs in the nation. As part of our special arrangement, lovebites dentists agree to do all their work with this lab, and in return they get significant discounts on restorations. This lets you offer high-quality dental restorations made in the USA at a lower price. This gives you a competitive advantage over practices that can’t offer that same discount.