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Welcome to lovebites, where you can learn all about cosmetic dentistry and even schedule a cosmetic dentistry appointment–at a discount!

We’re not talking about discount dentistry, we’re talking about quality cosmetic dentistry that you can get at a lower cost because dentists are working together to work more efficiently. That’s why you’ll love lovebites.

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How lovebites works

lovebites is a simple idea. Here’s how it works:

Find a Local Cosmetic Dentist

Our directory includes dentists from all around the country. You use it to find a dentist that’s convenient for you and offers the services you’re looking for. You go to the local dentist and they design your treatment.

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The Dentist Gets a Discount

lovebites dentists have agreed to work together with a single high-quality dental lab. This dental lab uses the latest technologies to make high-quality dental restorations in the USA. The volume makes restorations like crowns and veneers less expensive, so the dentist gets a discount.

You Save Money on
top Quality Dentistry

When a dentist saves on lab fees, they can pass that savings on to you. This lets you enjoy the speed, convenience, and quality of a USA-made dental restoration at a significant savings. Now that’s a great reason to smile.

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What Procedures Do You Need?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, there are many options for restoring the beauty of your smile. But how do you know which one is right for you? We have a comprehensive guide that can walk you through the process, from looking at your concerns to finding the best way to address them.

Veneers are thin facades of advanced ceramic that can transform your smile. They can enlarge, reshape, brighten, and straighten your teeth in one quick procedure.

Crowns are caps of advanced ceramic that cover the entire visible portion of the tooth. They can repair and beautify badly damaged teeth.

Implants are tooth replacements supported by artificial tooth roots. These roots make implants look and function just like natural teeth.

Dental bridges are tooth replacements supported by your natural teeth or dental implants. They look beautiful, and can repair supporting teeth at the same time.

Full Mouth Reconstruction restores a smile that is badly damaged. It repairs numerous teeth at once to restore your smile to its former appearance or give it new beauty.

On each of the pages above, you’ll be directed to the specific procedures that can transform, repair, or preserve your smile.